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Labstract Ltd


Our dedicated Flow Cytometry Laboratory provides a high-quality flow cytometry and cell sorting service.


We currently have a BD FACS Aria III 4-laser cell sorter housed in a Class 2 Microbiological Safety Cabinet capable of sorting up to 4 individual populations or single cell sorting into 96- or 384- well plates.


We also have 2 analysers a BD FACS Calibur and a Beckman Coulter FC500, both of which are 2-laser machines. Major applications within the Flow Cytometry Lab are multi-colour phenotyping, DNA and cell cycle analysis, cell death and apoptosis assays and functional assays such as ion flux. These are in addition to the cell sorting service.


                                    Phenotypic Assay


                                     Cell Cycle Analysis


                               Calcium Flux Assay





One of our most popular recent training courses offered an introduction to flow cytometry. 


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