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We're really pleased with the feedback we've recieved from our clients and the delegates of our training courses. To find out how Labstract can support you please contact us


"The flow cytometry is a key component of the platform that we are developing in Blink Therapeutics. Precision, reproducibility and reliability are essential for the success of the experiments. In the collaboration with Labstract we have found not only that professional support, but also an up to date team, ready to be flexible and engaged to the project challenges and subtleties." - Blink Therapeutics Ltd


"When looking for an external partner to provide cell-based assay expertise for Sentinel Oncology, Labstract were our first choice. By consistently providing reliable screening for our cancer development programmes with excellent communication and turnaround times, they felt more like an extension of the team than a CRO"- Bob Boyle, CEO, Sentinel Oncology


"Very pleased with the professional sample management and chemistry capabilities that Labstract have provided to our company; would highly recommended them" - Mike Trower, NeRRe Therapeutics


Our recent molecular biology product exhibition at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst was received with great welcome and enthusiasm from the biotech companies at the site. The exhibition provided us with a great opportunity to meet and talk to scientists about their cutting edge research and an opportunity to fulfill their molecular biology requirements. With a number of new start-up and established companies under one roof, it was ideal for a distribution company like ourselves to cater to their individual needs. We gained genuine contacts from the exhibtion and hope to have a long standing business with them. On behalf of Life Biomedical Ltd, I would like to thank the organisers for their support in organising the event and look forward to coming back again." - Prabs Vajjala, Life Biomedical Ltd


"Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst is delighted to have Labstract running its communal labs on its behalf. Labstract’s excellent team provides a range of support functions to our tenants, enabling them to be up and running experiments within a few days of moving into the incubator. This way tenants stay focused on the science and keep capital costs to a minimum, giving them the best chance to succeed.

As well as the attraction of providing access to equipment such as autoclaves, centrifuges and freezers etc., Labstract helps at every level from filling out forms to ensuring that the labs meet all the safety requirements to hosting regular lab tenant meetings, generating a true open innovation environment." - Miranda Knaggs, Sales, Marketing & Events Manager, SBC


"Labstract's management of the community facilities gives us access to common resources which are used everday; like RO water or the Cold Room. As well as items which an individual tenant or group may not need routinely, eg the fluorescence microscope, are nevertheless critical for a particular experiment. This is all without us as tenants having the burden of maintaining or setting up the equipment! Labstract maintain the equipment and common spaces in a very professional manner, and oversee the access to the more popular items in a fair way." - Ian Scanlon, Puridify


"This course opened my eyes to the vast and incredible applications of flow cytometry. I now feel that I understand how to plan, compensate and analyze my experiments. Moreover, I feel I understand how the technology actually works; which is invaluable knowledge when it comes to executing an experiment efficiently. A thoroughly pleasurable, eye opening and informative course." - Flow Cytometry course delegate, March 2015


This is a very useful course for those with little or no background in flow cytometry. The trainer (Derek Davies) is excellent at explaining the concepts and overall the course was informative, interesting and provided a good background and overview of the technique." - Flow Cytometry course delegate, March 2015 


"After attending this course I have a much clearer understanding of flow cytometry which will benefit me in my new job." - Flow Cytometry course delegate, March 2015 


"Our recent molecular biology product exhibition at the Stevenage Bioscience Catalyst was received with great welcome and enthusiasm from the biotech companies at the site. We look forward to coming back again." - Prabs Vajjala, Life Biomedical Ltd